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Crawl links to post to automatically, randomise imported keywords order

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A couple of feature requests for consideration:

I would like to be able to set projects to crawl for links to post to every X minutes while still retaining the ability to select/unselect using masks as is the case atm.  The way I see this helping users is that pages on money sites and blog networks that have scheduled content added to them no longer need to be manually added to projects, rather SER will crawl the site daily say and add any new links to the project that's building links to them.  The site crawler would need to be able to take a list of sites to crawl if it was adding links to a network.


The other feature is I wish to have the option to randomise keywords when I import them into projects.  The reason for this is ATM if we add the same keyword file to multiple projects that use search to find targets they'll be scraping the same results unless we manually shuffle the order.


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    Edit: an I found the edit button
  • SvenSven

    1. You can get that working already using the EDIT->Add RSS Feed or using macros.

    2. keywords are shuffled automatically, you will most likely not see the same search query when starting two projects with same list.

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    1. Thanks!  I didn't think of using the rss feed feature that way.  I'm not sure how I would use macros though but let me investigate further.

    2. Good to know although the reason I actually asked was I was seeing a lot of "this link has already been parsed" messages but no matter.
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