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Why Have Multiple Projects

I just spent the past couple of weeks creating a project with a self-spun article, Spun About section, Description 250, and Description 450. I chose Article, Web 2, Social Network, Video, and Social Bookmark. (No blogs or forums.) I used 1 url - the home page for my website. I told it to stop after 100 verified links and to continue a day later. So, my question is: why do people have more than one project? Is it to use the same information but with another url, such as in one of the non-home pages? That brings me to the second question: should I have more than one url (page of my site) per project? I've heard that some people have upwards of 100 projects, so I must be missing an important concept.
Thanks for any information you can give me.


  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited June 2014
    Howdy @Velsytetra

    Ppl will have multiple projects for three main reasons (although they may be others)

    1)  They are trying to rank multiple sites / pages
    2)  They are trying to rank one site but want to throw a shit load of links at it quickly e.g. churn & burn
    3)  They are building multiple tiers to the same site to add more value to the links that point to the main site e.g.

    Tier 1 builds links to your site
    Tier 2 builds links to your T1 to get them indexed and show that they are important links as they have links to them
  • Thanks davbel.
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