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All of these questions are about the DATA SETTINGS when we click on a new campaign

1)  The keyword field - do i enter keywords here even if i am not planning to scrape?  If i am placing keywords here.  Do i just put in a handful of keywords i want to rank for?  Or upload my 5k scraped keyword list?

2)  The anchor text field - am i right in thinking i just enter 2-5 main keywords in the field in spintax?

Thanks gang


  • SvenSven

    1) use keywords that you would enter on search engines to locate your website

    2) SEO related question. Enter the anchor texts you want get rankings for. But don't over optimize it (use the other types of anchor texts).

  • One last question and I can hit go! When I click on ok after I have entered all the articles and set my settings as I like them a prompt comes on screen saying, add YouTube id. All of the tutorials I have watched do not have this come up? Why is this popping up and what do I enter there?
  • SvenSven
    Click the HELP button on that YoutubeID input field and you see what engines use this. You can then right click on that field and choose "Disable Engines that use this".
  • Thanks Sven.

    Do you guys rate video links highly?  I have unchecked it for now.

    If i was to check the video box i would need to create my own videos right?  I cant see how ripping other vids of youtube can cut it?

    Is it ok to keep pasting the same video with numerous links or do i need to keep creating unique vids?
  • Same here. Never done video links either..
  • SvenSven
    Basically the video is posted with a description and a link in it. So you can use a video related to your niche I guess.
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