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@Sven This Feature Will Change GSA FOREVER! Regarding Page Rank

edited December 2012 in Feature Requests
@Sven, a few month's ago I asked you could you implement a feature which would allow us GSA users to have separate proxy's to check PR with. You said that you would have to implement it on the next major release since it would require alot of coding due to how GSA is currently coded.

I think I have an idea which will solve ALL our problems both from a user stand point and from a coder (that's you ;)) standpoint.

First, I do not own this site nor am I affiliated with this site. I discovered this site on BHW a few years ago and I have been using it since then. Its by far the most accurate PR checker I have come across and this is coming from a man who use to purchase high PR domain from godaddy almost everyday. If you ever purchased high PR domains then you know that there are domains where users spoof the PR in order to sell the domian at a high price. This is the only service that was able to detect 85-90% spoofed domains ACCURATELY without further checking on my end.

So why should you implement this service in GSA?

For one, I did not even realize until this morning that they have an API which allow's you to integrate into any program. This service even allows you to perform upto 15,000,000 PER DAY! if you purchase enough credits (That's not even the limit, to be honest I do not think they even have one since they said on their front page that if you need more than this amount to contact support). The best part about it is that the more PR checks you do the cheaper the service will be. 

For example, there pricing is; $1.00 USD per 100,000 urls. To be honest, I don't think it gets any better than this :D

Also, ALL Current SEO Tools use proxy's to check PR's as we all know, its not really reliable when you are also using those same proxy's for scraping. If users have an option to outsource PR check's this would make GSA the ONLY SEO tool on the market that dose this.

How would this work with the current GSA set-up?

Easy, here's one of the things you could do to implement this:


You could add another check box which say something like: "Online Pagerank Check". So as GSA is searching for new target's it will be sending the domain name to API and form their GSA could update the pagerank WITHOUT the use of proxies therefore getting accurate PR each and every time.

This is really important since we all know that most GSA users build links in tiers, the first and second tier usually contains high PR domains but without thousands of fresh proxy's (or even with thousands of fresh proxy's), google will eventually ban the proxy's you are currently using and this will most certainly bring your project to a halt, not in the sense that GSA will stop submitting but more in the sense that GSA will be skipping potential targets. If your tier 1 requires PR 3 and above domains but all your proxy's are banned by google then if GSA comes across a target that has an actual PR3+ it will skip it since the proxy's are banned and might give an error and GSA will update the PR with "?" .

What about the new subdomain feature I just added. How will this service work with this?

The thing is, this service gives the PR of the domain you enter, so if you enter a sub domain it will give you the PR of the subdoman and not the main domain. But lets say that the user had domains and NOT subdomains activate under their campaign: (Never mind the Arrow, I just used it to block my domain out of the screen shot ;))


So if a user had this option selected, what GSA could do is when it comes across a subdomain while searching for tartget's instead of sending the subdomain to the API it would just send the domain, once the API send's the PR of the domain GSA could update the PR for that subdomain which will then let GSA post a link on that subdomain since the main domain has a of PR3+ (or what ever the threshold the user sets within the filters).

In Conclusion

  • You will not have to rely on proxy's for PR updates
  • PR Updates are 10x faster
  • You can now use private prxoy's to do everything (I use only 4 private proxy's and get on average 70k submitted URL's) so even if google temporally ban's those proxy's, GSA will still have 1499 more search engine's to use and since we are no longer using proxy's to check PR who cares? :D
  • It will take far less time to finish a campaigns now (If you look at my tier 1 settings in the above pic, you will see  I have it set to 33 verification's a day, with proxy's this would take me an awful long time since these proxy's are being shared with multiple tiers/projects which will get the proxy's banned before they even reach 33 verification's thus taking much much longer to finish). 
  • No worries about posting backlinks on domain's with FAKE PR
  • GSA will run 75% more efficiently.
  • GSA users will save a ton on proxies since 4 private proxies is enough to run all day at 100 threads (at least it dose for me).
And the list goes on.

With all sincerity @Sven, PLEASE implement this feature as this will do a world of good for everyone involved. 


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    That's not a bad idea. I just signed up to their site and pricing seems very affordable at $1 per 100,000 PR checks.

    We'll see what Sven thinks.
  • that is a fantastic proposal @robby54
  • link is correct? 502 Bad Gateway ...
  • Really great feature. :) That would be awesome!
  • +1
    This sounds really great
  • Getting a

    502 Bad Gateway

    When visiting the link. Not good as if that happens when GSA is checking PR then you could get a lot of bad data

  • Thanks strange, I will email the admin and see whats up.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Fantastic IDEA! Absolutely awesome! 
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    edited December 2012

    I take it no ones done the maths on this :D

    Three numbers that we will use to work out the cost

    30 as in 30 day month

    70000 as in daily submissions Robby54 quotes

    $1 as in $1 per 100000 pr checks


    30 times 70000 equals 2100000

    Divide that by 100000 equals $21

    Not a great amount yet, but thats only for submissions remember, what about all the sites that your pr check and dont submit to.

    Unknown number. But two easy examples, 1 in 5 and 1 in 10

    5 times $21 equals $105

    10 times $21 equals $210

    Thats a lot of money you could spend on proxies, which would give the same results as using this service

    $40 would easily buy 40 proxies. Which would almost kill the pr-? problem if not kill it totally

    Add to that the sites been down for two days

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I don't think the majority of users do 70,000 submissions in one day. (I might be wrong though) :P

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Lightweight :P

    Even at an easy 40k a day, your still going to do a lot pr too low etc

  • I like numbers, and LeeG have a point, in the long term is more expensive using this instead of buying more proxies.
  • SvenSven
    Yes I have to agree on LeeG's thoughts/math. I will not add this as the service is not stable anyway. And in the end I can not trust them either.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    edited December 2012

    Remember the number of sites not posted to was a low guestimate

    That could be 1 in 50

    And the 70k number was not mine, it was a number quoted by Robby54 and his 4 private proxies

    Errsy proxies $39

    Proxy Hub starting at $10 for 10 proxies




  • nathanh0nathanh0 Midlothian, TX
    This would be a nice addon. I am missing tons of pages due to unknown PR. I picked one randomly, it was a PR7, GSA says PR ? (unknown).

    I just don't have 200 private proxies, it would cost me like $100/mo.

    A service would be nice to handle this. 

    If Sven doesn't plan to add such a service, perhaps could we have some kind of fall-back for PR unknown? For example, if PR is unknown, retry X number of times (ie:  use different proxies) -- until it obtains a PR. 

    Since I don't control how Unknown PR URL's are handled after they are deemed "Skip Unknown PR", I am assuming that I am just missing a lot of links. 

  • nathanh0nathanh0 Midlothian, TX
    Also - Is there no way to tell if a PR is really unknown, or if the proxy used couldn't get a PR response?

    Are there any other possible options?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    What I have found works extremely well is to use a service like Errsy in doing PR checks since you are able to have many threads and on each thread a different proxy. So it is the quickest way to grab PR. You do get unknown PR due to a proxy failing every so often but you can then rerun it. 

    So using SB for example, with 50 private proxies I set it to 5 threads for PR checking. BUT using Errsy or something similar, depending on the package, or about 1/10 of the price I set it to 25 or 50 threads, since each time it queries their proxy database I get a different one. So it's way way faster to do PR checks and cheaper than the above mentioned service. 
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