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Extremely low LPM


I am having extremely low LPM the last week or so... Before I had around 20-30 LPM, now it goes between 9-11 LPM

I changed proxies, VPS, thread number and so on, but it doesn't change

Will be glad to get some help here, as I'm kinda hopeless at the moment...


  • i cleared all my target url cahce from all projects as someone recommended me, and now the lpm got even lower... to around 5 lpm

    can anyone help with this?
  • do you have any download faieled messages?
  • i have some submission and download failed messages
  • if you click on the failed links, do they load on your browser ?
  • couldn't catch them while the software was running so i stopped it, clicked on a few SF links and it opened them in the browser, giving some message regarding xml...
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