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A bug in GSA SER?

I am having a kind of bug in gsa - whenever i try to change anything in a campaign, i can't save it... it pops a weird window regarding a problem in the "category"' section's spintax or something... and the project can't be saved...

i tried it in several projects and it's the same...

any idea what causes it?


  • Yeah it's a bug in the new version - it works ok if you just select one category. I'm sure Sven will fix this soon.
  • 1 category is selected but it still doesn't let me save it...
  • Hmm strange, it worked for me with one checked, did you remove all the old categories yes? So it looks like this:

  • Hi

    I have the default categories that comes with GSA - general, misc. etc
  • SvenSven
    will fix it sorry...didn't think of this category having | as seperator saved.
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