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Captcha resolved is bad - how to report to Captcha Service?

I am using forwarding to human resolver, does CB reports bad captchas to server (relay)? 
What I mean, my program does not know if captcha was resolved by human or CB, I need to report bad image to human service.
What's correct procedure for that?


  • SvenSven
    CB when using a captvha service and you control CB from your program over some simulated service, it is also reporting bad captchas back if you do that over the simulated service api.
  • edited June 2014
    Thanks, one more question:

    Should program api to CB match simulated service api? 
    ie My program could use say DeCaptcher API (simulated) to send captchas to CB but my human service would be DeathByCaptcha, will CB handle incorrect captcha message (ie translate it) or I should match CB simulated API with my human backup service? And vice versa.
  • SvenSven
    yes it will work the way you expect it.
  • Sven,

    I modified my program to report bad captcha and it reported at least 10 already and looks like they did not get through to the dbc service. I use DeCaptcher API to CB and dbc as captcha service... I save ids from resolver and if captcha is wrong use them to report back to CB through DeCaptcher and expect the request to be forwarded to DBC. As I understand that this should work from your previous comment ... Right?
  • SvenSven
    yes it should work. What DeCaptcha API you use? Socks or http-post?
  • I don't know. I just use api_csharp_64_bit  / DecaptcherLib.dll .... Have no idea what's inside...
  • SvenSven
    guess the socks api then...just had a look...all should work on that socks api as well. I dont know what could be wrong here really.
  • Hi I have the same problem as described above with reporting incorrect captchas. 
    I have following setting:
    - run as a webserver
    - Simulate DeathbyCaptcha service (only this ticked)
    - Deathbycaptcha solving service active. 
    - I use socket API Client in dbc_api_v4_2_php

    solving etc is working properly but reporting incorrectly solved captcha is not working. 

    I am sending this message from DBC API: 
    1441049685 SEND: 59 {"captcha":1010,"cmd":"report","version":"DBC\/PHP v4.1.1"}
    and i even receive a response (I guess it's from GSA CB)
    1441049685 RECV: 51 {"status": 0, "captcha": 1010, "is_correct": false} 

    But  captchas in DBC panel captchas are not reported as incorrect. 

    Is there any way to check logs or to check CB activity? 
  • SvenSven
    OK I think I have found the issue here. Next version should fix it.
  • Unfortunately after update it's still not working. I have checked with other services (2captcha) and it's OK there. 

    response not working in DBC:

    1441112733 RECV: 76 {"status": 0, "captcha": 1003, "is_correct": true, "text": "resnsub wealth"}
    CAPTCHA 1003 solved: resnsub wealth
    1441112733 SEND: 59 {"captcha":1003,"cmd":"report","version":"DBC\/PHP v4.1.1"}
    1441112733 RECV: 51 {"status": 0, "captcha": 1003, "is_correct": false}
    1441112733 CLOSE

    response working in 2captcha:

    1441112821 RECV: 70 {"status": 0, "captcha": 304640861, "is_correct": true, "text": "549"}
    CAPTCHA 304640861 solved: 549
    1441112821 SEND: 64 {"captcha":304640861,"cmd":"report","version":"DBC\/PHP v4.1.1"}
    1441112821 RECV: 56 {"status": 0, "captcha": 304640861, "is_correct": false}
    1441112821 CLOSE
  • SvenSven

    well it is strange but maybe there is a differnece how I can tell DBC that a captcha was incorrect. One way is by socks api, the other by web-form. CB does this by webform. Maybe this is somehow broken? I have no idea really as it really should work.

    URL I call is: with username and password in POST.

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