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SERPs After Update

After the last update I have been having 0 success ranking. I am doing a ton of tests atm.

Blogspot sites spam(contextuals):
5/23/2014 - 30 sites 2000 sub/day 

6/3/2014 - 30 sites 1000 sub/day

6/9/2014 - 30 sites 500 sub/day

6/14/2014 - 30 sites 100 sub/day(to soon for anything to rank yet)

Maybe they need more time but I have a bad feeling about this. Even with pure spam with all engines on I could achieve so much more. 
Before the update some sites were even in top 10 and other growing 20-50.

Right now more than 90% of my websites are not even in 100th. 

How are you doing guys, I can't be the only one having trouble ranking now.

Best Answer

  • edited June 2014 Accepted Answer
    @cefege At the moment I'm mainly ranking parasite pages and it usually takes them at least 15-20 days and more to reach top 10 pages, depending on the competition. After that they usually rise in serps quicker. In the past it took way less time. And my regular websites ranked with GSA spam and some high pr links usually reach page 1 in 1-2 months, depending on the competition. Sometimes I get lucky and it ranks faster but usually that's how long it takes. But yeah, looks like things have slowed down lately.


  • I too have found no love on ranking any parasite sites lately. I've tried everything from 301's, private blog networks and tiered linking. I can get sites to page 2, but not page 1 with churn and burn.

    I may have to buy some fresh domains and see if those work better. It looks like G is not giving love to parasite sites anymore. I see plenty on page 2+, but barely any on page one.
  • KaineKaine
    As for the 301s, some techniques should not be shared. If they are, Google will learn sooner or later. Some place like this forum, must surely controlled by some of their employees, this is what I would do first ;)
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