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CPU Usage 13% at 300 threads?

I am running 10 projects with 25 private proxies on 250 threads. I am getting 150 LpM but my CPU usage is always less than 15%. I am wondering if increasing the threads to say 600-700 threads will help the LpM? I tried it at 500 threads but there was no noticeable difference to the LpM. Can some of you guys help me out? 

Also what is a good CPU %? I am runnning GSA SER, CB and SEO Indexer on the VPS.


  • It isn't a big difference between 300 and 500 because you probably hit the your max internet speed on your server
  • So we can ignore the recomendation of 100?

    What are the signs of it being to high?
  • when GSA runs, try to make a test on on your browser, see what results do you get.  Is important to not make the test with the closeset server because that usually is in the same network as you and is using the internal network, not the internet 
  • I am unable to take that test because my VPS is installed in a country that doesnt speak english.  I cant understand a word of what the browsers are saying.  I've got the "double time" package.  Good reviews.  1gps bandwidth.

    How many threads do you guys think i should be setting it to?
  • for cpu usage, are you looking at the indicator in gsa ser or your taskmgr?

  • On your VPS go to: Start -> Type in: 'taskmgr' and hit enter.
    In your taskmanager go to 'Performance' and click on 'Resource Monitor'.
    I always keep this open to monitor all of my resources (network speed, CPU usage, RAM, etc). This is probably the most accurate way to keep track of them.

    Now about your question, it's pretty hard to explain in only a few sentences, but I've been wondering the exact same thing when I started using GSA SER.
    I even opened a thread regarding this very matter and came to a final conclusion, which still hasn't been proven wrong (and I'm testing a lot).

    There's just one thing you might want to be aware of:
    I don't know if it's VPSes in general, or caused by SER, but there will be times when you'll see 300 threads not even using 50% of your CPU capacity and a couple of hours later, 200 threads will already be too much for your VPS to handle.
    Just keep an eye on it and find a value that is as fast as possible, without risking SER to crash.
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