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Problem to verify the links

Hi, i am having an issue to verify the links. This happens for the last 3 days, i will attach a screenshoot.

1. First of all the emails are working good, i have tried with different options, new yahoo, hotmail, catchall emails so i am sure it not depends from emails.

2. I am using and trying with different proxy provider, but most of all with 50 private buyproxy proxies with using only 150 threads, so very small part of this amount of proxies. 

From more 10k i am getting less than 100 live links, that's incredible. This happening even if i include tiers with almost all engine selected and lot of keywords to search for, and even with own scrapping lists.


  • ronron

    If the list is a raw scrape, then 1% is about right. 2% if you are a good scraper.

    You needs to scrape millions and millions to come up with a decent verified list that will last you a couple of weeks.

    You are talking about the raw scrape, correct?

  • Yes in this situation most of projects have the raw scrape list. But this is not the first time i am uploading the scraping urls, only now i received this results. Because seems that SER is missing the last point only, that with verification. I have tried also with a catchall email to see properly how many emails are on inbox, and receiving a tons of them. What i deducted from there is that GSA was deleted thoose emails and in return the link wasn't verified.

  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    No problem that I've noticed on any of my servers.

    Could you be using aliased hotmails and deleting all emails even if they're not related to a project?
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