captcha problem

Today, I bought Gsa ranker and captcha breaker. I am getting almost zero success in both submitted and verified links property.

 I set article category in gsa and load around 150+ my custom article script sites.All sites are live . I check some site manually. I import them from Tools ->  "Import URL(Identify Platform and sort in)"

As i told before i got almost zero success, so i check the log file. There are mainly one errors shown:-

1) unwanted captcha found

Here I should mention that the captcha is from article script and they are not un-known in captcha breaker. I see the option is ticked in CB. Moreover, i Try senuke to create accounts on these sites with captcha breaker, and senuke  created around 70% accounts after solving the same captcha. so this is not unknown captcha.

how to fix the problem

Here is a log for a valid site

06:14:19: [+] 16/34 matches engine Article Script -
06:14:19: [+] 16/34 new URL -
06:14:19: [-] 16/34 unwanted captcha found


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    ou set things up to skip all captchas per project it seems or by global options.
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