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one project goes up to 30k and above the other stick at 8k, same settings?

happeend a few times,

same settings made the same date yet some get stuck on 8k and the others keep firing to 30k and above.

any ideas?


  • Are you loading each list to the project manually (i.e. not setting it to hit verified list in the project).  What I have noticed is that SER is really random in what it imports.  I an import the same list to 2 projects and then check the project "remaining target URLs" and they are different.  One will have all the 15k loaded and the other can have anything from 3k - 15k.

    Other than that there could be loads of little things influencing i.e. when you hit the site as it can be different on different projects, and the site could be down. Or just proxy success etc.  Although this would only have a small impact and not to the effect you are talking about.
  • im just using post to verified list.
  • Tell us more about your settings. If I have to shoot in the dark I'd say that either one of them has PR/OBL filter or they have different priority in SER:
    The +, ++, -, --, mean different priority.

  • edited June 2014
    Yea same here, just stop the projects that get the most links and ser will work on the ones that don't get that much. And it won't use just half of the resources, if you start 50 projects or 5 the speed is the same
  • I'm fairly certain @Sven has said the priority -+ don't actually make any difference anymore.
  • there is no priority difference, why would there be when i duped the projects.
    not a big deal maybe just an anonmaly, too early to say ill keep my eye on them
  • SvenSven
    Well it does make a difference. Projects with higher priority get more CPU time than others. So they can work faster.
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