Need GSA SER help...please

Hi, I am not new to the SEO industry but new to GSA. I have had GSA for several months and while I appreciate the development gone in, the constant updates by Sven and his team, the whole community behind it, I just cannot get it to do what I want.

Here is what I do:

1. I would start out by filling out data, in the latests case :social bookmarks only. 
2. I select only good ones (eg) Pligg, Php, Scuttle, Stumbleupon
3. I enter url, anchors, keywords (why keywords for social bookmarks?)
4. PR2 min. 
5. add 2 250 and 450 description. I spin manually NOT with TBS or anything.
6. I use unique About Myself. This is spun properly
7. I test email (I use pre-loaded gsa ser) (emails)

1. stop project after 50 verified backlinks
2. send to gsa indexer
3. i have captcha breaker enabled
4. search engines to use (i select all from UK,USA, Canada, New Zealand - only
5. i select random typos
6. i add swear word list
7. i skip sites from following languages (apart from english)
8. i skip sites from following countries (all except UK,USA, Canada, New Zealand)

I have dedicated proxies from

I have good a vps with nothing else running.  

40 threads and html timeout 30secs.

So, with them settings I will hit start and let it do its thing. 2 days later I get about 50 submissions and 1 verified?

What am I doing wrong?

I would pay someone to sit down on skype for 1-2 hrs and help me. I have everything needed just need help with this.

Sorry for the plee - HELP!!!


  • Anyone....?
  • Bad luck... you picked Social Bookmarking. I gave up Social Bookmarking months ago. They are difficult to get links to coz most of these sites uses "Solve Media" captcha that GSA CB doesn't solve. You may want to try Articles or Wiki...
  • Your PR2 filter will also be hamstringing you somewhat.
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