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How does Active (V) work?

Hey everyone,

So I'm still trying to figure my way around this software and the way it functions.

I was told by a few sources that I should be running Active (V) as part of my daily maintenance at the end of the day to clean out my submitted links.

When I first start Active (V) it seams to process links really fast and I can see in the logs that it's going through the verification process smoothly. Then after a while it basically just halts on certain links and I start getting messages saying along the lines of "verified (round 1644)". When I get to this stage the verification process seams to come to a halt and I am left with tens of thousands of links in the submitted column.

Just looking to get further educated on this. Thanks in advance!


  • ronron
    edited June 2014
    It will go through a process of multiple verifications, trying to find the link. In theory, when it hits 100%, it should remove the link if not found. (Man, I hope I am not butchering the crap out of this explanation, lol).

    In theory, an article type submission needs you to create an account first, and then receive an email confirmation, and then that gets approved, and furthermore, the article can be moderated, and either get accepted or not accepted - a lot of steps. So SER will give contextual type links 5 days to happen. If it isn't there, then that submitted should be deleted as well.

    However, in real life, not all the links are removed. Don't ask me for a technical explanation on that. All I can tell you is that in real life, if you submit a link today, if there is not a verified link within hours, there will not likely ever be a verified link. The odds are somewhere between slim to none. Most of the engines that SER posts to has very fast approval (automated) with no moderation. So if it doesn't happen fast, it likely is never going to happen.

    So all I am doing here so far is giving you some background.

    Now, if you have all the projects set to Automatically Verify Every 1440 (which is in project options), then it is going to happen automatically without you having to do anything.

    If you do something like disable verification on projects (because you have a theory that you want SER to only post as much as possible, and you will verify later) - then fine, you run Active(V) at the end of the day to button things up.

    In all honesty, you should have all projects set on automatic verification and let SER do its thing.  You do not need to do this Active(V) deal if everything is on automatic. That is like asking you to sweep the floor immediately after you just got done sweeping the floor.

    Now you may have an issue where the submitted column seems to be getting bigger, and likely that is the case - because of what I said earlier. SER will want to check these submitteds every time it verifies (which is several times per day). So it has to go through a lot of dead crap that will honestly result in nothing. There is a strong case to be made at the end of the week to shut down SER, make all projects Active(V), let it run for about 2 hours until you see threads heading south toward zero, then hit stop, and delete all submitteds. You have done everything you can to verify, and now it is time to clean the pipes. The submitteds are officially dead weight. I happen to agree with this approach. In fact, I may have started it, lol. All I know is that I like to clear out submitteds very frequently. 
  • Thanks @ron‌ that was a perfect explanation. Makes a lot more sense now.
  • @ron hi ron, thanks for the input. btw what is the difference between "verify only" and "verify emails only".

    And do we need to run "verify emails only" from time to time or just let GSA ser do its stuff?
  • ronron
    edited June 2014
    @hardcorenuker - I think the first is looking for the link whereas the second is simply processing emails for account registration, etc. Hope I got that right :-SS I honestly never use the email one.
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