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Scheduling links sending for Indexers

edited June 2014 in Feature Requests
Hi, just a quick suggestion. If it is possible to make like that:
Ability to apply "After X verified links sent in a day, stop sending links" and "After X verified links sent in a day, start sending links" to chosen indexers.

Application is limited, but there is some uses for such feature, for example:
1. Testing Indexer performance in the long run, send 50 k verifieds to one indexer, 50 k to other.
2. Swap indexers for different projects qualities, shi**y indexers for shi**y links and so on.
3. Use multiple indexers simultaneously without SER sending links to both.
4. Maybe some other uses for creative guys.


  • SvenSven
    This might get added when I have done the filter of what indexer to be used per project and what engines to send per indexer
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