.SL File Splitting into txt Files (Killing CPU and Dropbox)

Bought a few lists recently and have them in a file in Dropbox to share across my servers. These past 3-4 days it's killed my computer and is slowly killing Dropbox. I got out of memory on my Dropbox account, 7GB!! so deleted some old stuff, but the .SL files from the lists are being split into their respective .txt files. At the moment there are 900 in my DB folder, with 9600 to go!!! This is mental, is this normal? I can't remember it doing it before. I've tried removing them and starting again but the same is happening.

Each engine has it's own txt file now, but I thought the .SL file was essentially a zip file for SER so it's compressed and SER sorts it out when it's imported. 

I'm going out of my mind here, is it normal or not? What have I done wrong? 

@gooner @ron @2Take2 I bought the red list and another list from another provider.


  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
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    this doesnt make any since..something is wrong....i have like 50 .sl files in dropbox

    there all in KB's...even the super large ones
  • Hmmm thought so thanks @steelbone - I can't think that I've done anything wrong/different to previous times.
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    I once had some weird sounding .dll file being sync'd across all my servers and completely hogging them down in the mean time.
    Got malwarebytes on all your setups ?
  • Yup Malware Bytes and ran Combofix after that, just in case. All clear.

    The only thing is that it coincided with installing JustCloud, so maybe Dropbox and JustCloud (JC isn't running though), are conflicting and causing a complete spaz attack. Uninstalling now.
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    Hi @JudderMan, that's very strange. My dropbox is always on the verge of maxing out the storage, but that's just because I'm too tight to buy more. haha

    As you know, the lists from us come as a compressed .sl file that only gets unpacked (or at least should only get unpacked) when you import it into a folder that you specify in SER's global advanced options. If yours are unpacking themselves automatically, then that's very odd to say the least.

    The latest Red list .sl file should weigh in at about 4,080kb and the bundled zip with the guides at 6,260kb, so shouldn't take up too much space.

  • ronron SERLists.com
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    @JudderMan - I'm not sure I fully understand the problem. I think you bought our list, so I will operate under that premise.

    You imported the list into an empty folder, then you created a path to that folder in Main options using something like Identified, submitted or Failed. Then you did not check the box, correct? These three folders should only be "read only". The only box that is checked is "verified" because that is the only folder where links should be written.

    Lastly, you cannot ever share the verified folder between servers - or all hell breaks loose. So each server has its own separate folder and path to its respective verified folder, correct?

    As an aside. I joined Bing Rewards, and now have 100GB free cloud storage with OneDrive. In case you didn't know, OneDrive (Microsoft) now owns DropBox and every other cloud storage service on the planet. They are all OneDrive divisions. You join rewards, answer some numb-nuts questions, do some searches on Bing, and in about 6 days, your 7GB free OneDrive cloud storage gets upgraded to 100GB free OneDrive storage. That is where I keep my SER files now, fyi.


  • edited June 2014
    thanksguys, dropbox went spazzy, managed to move all files to the desktop and kill db, reinstall and finally index thew files properly. ron, i pull the site lists from dropbox across various servers from the same db, not share verifieds sorry if thats what i said :)

    ran comboxfix again and restarted computer then it did its own system check and was deleting loads of tmp dropbox files. 

  • davbeldavbel UK
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    @ron bing rewards isn't available in the UK as yet.  Do you need some sort of US mailing addess / landline or do you think I could get away with using a VPN?
  • ronron SERLists.com
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    @davbel - It came in to one of my tens of gmail accounts - kind of random stuff.

    See if you can get in there. If you can't, I would change the geo-location of my browser. And if that doesn't work, I have a plan and will PM you :)
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