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GSA Search Engine Ranker V8.57-V8.59 No threads running

Was working before the V8.57 was updated.
Now the software starts up allocates around 40 threads which all return download failed then it seems stuck in Loading URL's from site list mode.
From this point forward 0 Threads are running.

Bug report sent.

Just curious if anyone else is seeing this ?.

Dual Quad Core Dedicated Server 24 GB Ram 50 Dedicated Proxies
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Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Did you turn on the new options to auto decrease threads? If so make sure it's actually not limiting it from there.


  • Problem turned out to be some kind of project corruption which changed settings.
    Rebuilding project from scratch has it now building at 35LPM
  • I can only get around 7 LPM ,my server is 32G RAM ...
  • I am facing the same issue. 
  • molchomolcho Germany
    the same issue here, no limits, normally it runs on 350 threads and now between 40-100 threads.
    CPU runs between 20-30%.
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