I bought another SER, Do i need GSA SEO indexer?

i'm only "small time" at the moment.., got about 30 of my own projects. using tiered link building but getting no where fast. i was thinking about buying GSA SEO indexer last night.
would you recommend it for small timers like me or should i use an indexing service.



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    i am no expert.  in fact i am a total newcomer.  I have done lots of reading on a number of forums regarding gsa and i have read more often than not that its not needed.

    Maybe wait until an expert replies though to know for certain.
  • o.k,
    thanks for taking the time to answer my query.., i appreciate all replies.
    at the moment i am looking at expressindexer so i'll wait a day or so to see if any expert can give their input.
  • Accepted Answer
    Its a fine off payment and worth it . If you don't plan on sending 10k links a day then we are good . If you intend to do huge volumes , then an indexing service can help . If you are getting an indexer , then express it is .
  • spammasta
    thanks for that.., i won't be sending nothing like 10k links a day as i'm only small time at the moment. so GSA indexer should do fine for the time being.
  • Hi all,

    i decided to try expressindexer for a month to see how it works but i have one question please guys!

    if i have a 3 tier campaign and use the API key, do all the links from all 3 tiers go to the indexer? is this good?
    is this how it works.

    thanks in advance guys.
  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
    Accepted Answer
    Yes, if you tick the box in the options that says send verified links to other indexers for all your 3 tiers.
  • bangkoklad

    thanks man..., i appreciate the response.
    i can start working on it now.
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