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IPv6 proxies

Anybody has experience of using IPv6 proxies? I wonder if SER supports them.

For me, it's pretty exciting as we transitioning towards IPv6. Imagine how many proxies we can get for a cheaper price :D


  • SvenSven
    Well I guess I can add support for it if you can supply some for testing. But in the end I think they should be supported already.
  • @Sven I'm looking around for a decent provider. When I have some proxies you'll be the first to test :D
  • as we transitioning towards IPv6...

    They've been saying this since 2002, and still only around 3-4% of the internet utilizes IPv6. It'll be fully adopted by 2060 at this rate.
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    @sven since all major search engines support ipv6. And lots of hosting companies giving away /64 ipv6 blocks for a simple box. For people that don't know; that is more than couple of trillion ips :)
    Don't get too excited a friend of mine got banned his entire ipv6 block with in 2 days from google :)

    So that would a great asset if you can add support for ipv6 for scraping. I asked this feature for scrapebox around 2 years ago. He said; good idea and will implement in the near future :) Still waiting .....................

    P.S. It is useless for posting
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    @cherub I know what you mean :) But looking at some latest stats and trends I can tell that the pace will be faster. For the past year, the number of IPv6 more than doubled vs previous period among G users. 

    @derdor Why useless for posting? I guess it's because servers and websites need to support IPv6?
  • @derdor, @cherub, @system0102, okay, let's say, that I have 1 million IPv6.
    How I can use them as proxy in gsa ser? I must create million netowrk adapters and create IPv6 proxy in each?
  • There is now a leading provider of IPv6 proxies. (Infiniproxy). There you can deploy pools of private IPv6 IP addresses. The service is fast and reliable.
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    If anybody else stumbles upon this thread, don't bother looking up that infiniproxy. Their servers are down, the thread on Blackhatworld is closed.
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