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promoting ebay or amazon products

edited December 2012 in Need Help
Can I get some feedback on this.  If we have some ebay or amazon products we want to promote - can we just use the methods of promoting tier 2,3, with not many filter restrictions - and just send out links in mass?
Url #anchors etc...
My friend said that if we blast links to our ebay or amazon product pages that these companies will close our accounts.  But my thought is that even if someone complains to ebay or amazon, would they really take action to close our accounts?  It seems that they are so big and that competitors could even use linking in a bad way to harm their competitors. I just could not see how amazon could know the difference if its us or a competitor sending mass likes to get our product pages higher exposure and traffic.

I was about to start promoting these links with anchors but her saying this now has me spooked.

Anyone that can help with this and can share their experiences with promoting links to ebay, amazon product pages so we gain more sales :)


  • Oh was hoping someone who has ebay or amazon accounts would offer some feedback. 
  • mass likes? so what you really want to promote is a facebook fan page?
  • Oh no, nothing to do with social media at all.

    I have a popular amazon store.  I want it to be more popular.  I do not have affiliates set up at the store.
    What I was told from a friend was that she heard or was told that if WE try to promote our products directly using a direct link to the product Amazon would close the store.

    Iam just wondering what others who must also have amazon stores and are using this product do to promote their products but stay under the radar.

    I had the 'thought' that sense its amazon and it is so huge, that we could promote in a massive way - without worrying about quality - but she said NO.

    Iam just asking for help how to promote to my amazon products.  Right now I am not promoting to those products at all - their sales are just from the keywords on page.

    Thank you for anyone sharing their direct experiences with promoting amazon directly  (not affiliate links)

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