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Anchor Text Questions

When filling out the Data section of my project, there are checkboxes and text areas for "Partial match anchor text", "Secondary anchor text", "Branding anchor text", and "LSI anchor text". I thought I knew what these were, based on the information text that pops up for each checkbox. But I'm not sure what the text area is for. If I check off one of these boxes, what am I supposed to be putting in the text areas - a duplicate of my list of anchor texts? Something else?
Thank you very much for any help.


  • In addition, when it is looking for keywords that I want my page being ranked upon, are these keywords that I have optimized on the pages of my website, or other keywords that are just as relevant, but not yet optimized on my website?
  • SvenSven
    Of course you need to put the anchor texts there the software is not that clever to take e.g. the LSI anchor text on its own.
  • I got this all figured out after watching the Matt Woodward 1 hr video on SER.
  • They are used for better control over the anchor text diversification

    To give you an oversimplified example:

    If I want to have 30% "dog food" and 70% "food for dogs" i can either write only in the main anchor text field
    {dog food|dog food|dog food|food for dogs|food for dogs|foodfordogs|food for dogs|food for dogs|food for dogs|food for dogs}

    Or I can write in the main anchor text field "dog food'
    and write in the secondary anchor text "food for dog" and set it to 70%

    Partial match anchor text is working the same way as "secondary anchor text". It's just the name of the filed that is different, which will make it easier for you to check what you have done from time to time, especially if you have tens of projects.

    Partial match anchor text is typically longtail: dog food new york, dog food manhattan etc. You want to be able to easily diversify your anchor text to avoid google updates and to be able to easily distinguish what you have done. That's why the GSA team put so many fields. After that, you can use them however you want!
  • Stoimeniliev,
    Fantastic explanation! Thank you. You mentioned how some people have "tens of projects". Can you explain to me why one would have more than one project? Isn't all the relevant information contained in the one project?
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