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Creating an Article and Uploading Images to it.

I am trying to create an article for the "Articles", "Social Networks", and "Web2" submissions. I have gone to the "Add Manually" option of the "Add" button. I get an edit screen for the article, but there seems to be no way to upload images. There is an option to use "Article Builder" or "Import from Folder". Am I supposed to use one of those to somehow add images to my article?
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


  • It sounds to me like you want to manually add images to your spintax and you can just use this: {<img src="url" alt="some_text">|<img src="url" alt="some_text">|...} to make it spin the images. You can't upload any images to SER, you need urls to the images.

    As an alternative, you can go to the tab "Article Manager" and tick to use your own urls for images and edit the field accordingly.
  • ronron
    edited June 2014

    Yeah, it is just easier to do what @fakenickahl said - create the spintax offline in a text file editor, and then just add it to the beginning of the spintax.

    You obviously have choices with the images. You can hot link images already on the internet, but I really don't like that option as people can take down a webpage, and then you are left with a big black box.

    Personally, I like storing the pics in photobucket for free, and then just create the html spintax for those pictures. That way there is no reference to your website in the url of the pics - which I think is desirable.

    Also on Photobucket, you can create galleries, so you can have a gallery for each niche that you are into. And just keep that image spintax in a text file in a safe place, and then use it for whatever article spins you want to add it to. It's a great system. And it also works great to have these galleries for web2.0's.

  • Thank you for your answers. I am very at ease with html, so I will insert the images that way. But I intended to just use some of my blog articles, with images, for my SER articles, and I am confused about what you mean by "spintax" and what it means to have "spun" context. I think there is a basic concept here that I am not getting. Could you explain what SER is really doing here regarding this spintax?
    Thanks so much for your help
  • ronron
    Spintax = spin = spun article. If you are using just a bunch of articles, then there really isn't a spin. Then you are just inserting the regular html code for an image insertion into each article. I think we assumed you were using a spun article. If you were doing that, then you would likely have multiple images, and that html would be in spintax so that SER would randomly just choose one. 
  • Ron,
    Thank you. I think I am starting to understand. Is a spun article an article that is made up of a set of random images intermixed with random context - maybe created by the software?  I shied away from blog comments because the content that SER was coming up with sounded fake. Is that what is meant by "spun" content?
    Thanks so much,
  • ronron
    edited June 2014
    I think you need to do some more research on an article spin and how it works because it is too complicated to explain here. Look up Matt Woodward as he has a tutorial on how to manually spin. The truth is most of us use content generators like Kontent Machine where we plug in a keyword, and it automatically generates an article spin, and it can insert images and videos automatically as well. And it will insert the links tokens as well. You just need to do more homework. 
  • Thanks Ron. I viewed two of Matt Woodward's videos: using SER and content spinning and learned a lot. Probably all I need to know. Now I just have the long haul of manually spinning all of my content.
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