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VpM at 0,00?

Hello guys, 
I'm a 20 year old guy from germany and new at this forum. already read a lot of threads that helped!

Now to my question. I bought GSA 2 weeks ago. My LpM is at 46 right now, but my VpM is at 0,00, or sometimes like 0,51 or so.
So gsa only verifies like 1 Link in every 2 minutes :/ 
When I set my projects to "verify only", I  get a lot of "Verification (round 1) of general blogs not succesfull" 

Anybody knows what's the issue? 

Thanks In Advance


  • How do you find target urls?
  • How much did you pay for GSA? Are you a major shareholder now?

    I bought your company's software SER it's been terrific!
  • @Bangkoklad :D Come on, leave the new guy a break :D

    @zumk "GSA" is the name of the company, "SER" is the name of the software, you'll hear a lot from this if you don't use the terminology correctly :D
  • thanks for the answers so far. no i did not buy the ccompany, of course i mean SER ;)

    @stomenlliev: This is how i set up "how to get target URLs", if you mean that?

  • anyone? my lpm is at 120 and my vpm still at 0,60..
  • You need to build a list to get a decent VpM.

    You can do this like you are which is fairly slow, or you can do it from within Options -> Advanced -> Tools -> Search for URLs Online. Or ideally you would purchase a premium list which is only sold to x number of people, or use Scrapebox to build your own list.

    I personally buy premium lists and use Scrapebox.

    Also depending on your settings your VpM will raise once verification is underway since a lot of engines require you to click a link in an email.

  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    For LPM 40 VPM 0.5 means quit low...You should wait for some days and build a verified list yourself or if you want massive VPM rate (for mass spamming) would suggest you to buy a premium list . I am using 2 purchased verified lists and my VPM around  300 - 320 per min and LPM around 500 . BTW i dont scrape /feed lists myself.I am running only verified lists

  • ronron
    edited June 2014

    @zumk - What the others guys said about lists is very true, but you can still make it work better without a list.

    The issue is that you are submitting to places that aren't accepting the link. And I assume you are using SER and its search engines to scrape for targets.

    You are selecting platforms and engines that are "inefficient" in building links. So you simply need to identify which ones are the best for you.

    Go to Main Options>Advanced>Tools>Show Stats>List1 vs List2:


    You will then be able to see which engines are poorly performing and which are worth it. Then you can start weeding out the poor performers from your engine selections.

  • thanks everyone for your reply, i could figure out a way to fix it, by taking a piece of each advice from you. 
    This is what i did: project -> import target URL -> only verfied -> check all -> VpP right now at 25 :) 
    -Thank you guys! 
  • ronron
    @zumk - It will get even better. Just do what I said. You have to be very selective with your engines if you want faster speeds. It's all about getting rid of inefficiencies.
  • Okay this is a little werid now. Yesterday I let my gsa ser run over night,  i had vpm like 25, Lpm at 88. 

    This morning my LpM was at 190 and VpM only at 6. 

    Could it be that gsa ser only posts and veryfies once on the same site?
    altough I have enabled the " Allow posting on same site again" ..

    @ron will do that today. But is it normal that my LpM and VpM stats become so different over night? 
  • ronron
    You probably need new emails. We recommend 10 new emails in each project. How long they last depends on how hard you push SER, whether you use lists, etc.
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