Blog comment spam

Does it matter if I use proxies for blog comment spam?
I get waaaaay more verified links without proxies and I don't know why..
Does it matter if I use proxies or not when I'm spamming blogs?


  • Unless you want abuse reports to be sent to your VPS/Dedi provider or your home ISP, then yes you'll need to use proxies to submit blog comments.
  • It's a big difference when I'm posting when proxies and when I'm not..
    Guess I'm just gonna post without proxies then :)
  • I do not want to get in trouble with my ISP. I gather that that means I need to use proxies. I actually don't know what a proxy is. I guess that doesn't matter as long as I use them. How do I select to use proxies in the SE Ranker software?
  • Proxy is like a new IP that you can surf with on the internet...
    Options > Submission (chose your settings here first) > Configure > Add proxy (you can add your own proxies OR you can search for them and test them with GSA)
  • Tilen,
    Help. I did an add proxy and now I can't stop it from grabbing thousands of proxies. There seems to be no way to shut it off. How do I stop it? I just wanted to test what it did. Why is it getting so many proxies and testing them?

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