How to make a list of URLs NOT to post to?

GSA keeps posting to my own websites. I have a couple hundred domains. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is filling out API join forms that I use for dating sponsors and then verifying the confirmation emails and making it appear that I am getting more joins than I actually am.

I can see this because my join log is showing the domains that I use for catch-all emails, and then when I check the IP that the join came from, sure enough it comes from my list of private proxies.

I've looked everywhere for a way to make this stop and cant find a way. Is there a way to put in a list of domains that we want GSA-SER to AVOID going to?

Surely I'm not the only person that needs something like this?


  • Accepted Answer
    Project -> Options, add your own website urls to, "Skip sites with the following words in URL/Domain"...
  • Thanks. I guess I overlooked that, as I was looking for a way to apply it as a whole, instead of per-project.

    Any way to easily apply this to 350 projects?
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