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Submission Rate Booming

edited December 2012 in Feature Requests
I found when I change frequently my email address, my submission rate is booming, could you try by yourself?

I explain:

I change my email address 3 or 4 times a day, without waiting that my email address is listed on Stop Forum Spam or Bot Scout.

ie: -> -> ->

So, if your testing are same as mine, it would be a nice added to SER:

Email rotating based of using time of it.


  • You can do a very similar thing by using a catchall email.
  • Yes, but how to rotate these emails in SER?
  • spin it like this


    or use the latest eMail implementation on v4.76

    As far the macros for email settings go, this is what Sven mentioned on the forum:

    you can use the following now...

    my e-mail:
    server: %columnspinfile-email-accounts.txt-2%
    login: %columnspinfile-email-accounts.txt-3%
    password: %columnspinfile-email-accounts.txt-4%

    and the email-accounts.txt should have the following format...,,mylogin1,mypassword1,,mylogin2,mypass word2
  • there are more discussions of catchall in the forum
  • Thank you all,

    I will see that.

    What is "eMail implementation on v4.76" ?

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