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[Joint Venture] For a ClickBank Project

Im gonna be straight. I started a clickbank project and i want to jv with someone who knows blackhat seo for videos . 
Clickbank have JV option and can guruantee that we split the profit .

What i will do : 
1)I will develope the website.✓
2)I will make all the videos for every product on the website .✓ 
3)I will provide the articles for each product n the website.✓
4)I will make the designs .✓
5)I will build the facebook page/g+ profile/youtube and twitter.✓
6)Making ads with super targeted audience (in progress)

What you will need to do:
1)Boosting the videos with HQ views,likes,comments (safe) and seo
2)Website seo (optionally) . 

Contact me for more info.
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