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Always : Loaded 0/x URLs from site lists

edited December 2012 in Need Help
Dear All,

My GSA in message out always : Loaded 0/bla-bla URLs from site list. And there are no submit or verified. How to solve this problem.


Thank you


  • SvenSven

    answered several times already but will I feel good today to answer it once more ;)

    The 0/XYZ means that 0 of the loaded URLs from site list are new to the project. Means it has submitted to that sites before and will not waste any time on it. You have probably disabled search engines or have this project on status "Active (site lists only)". Set it to Active and enable search engines again.

  • Why does this occur though when using the global list and projects set to 'active'? I would have thought it would work it's way through the global list a line at a time, finding new places to add backlinks as it does so, but after some time it still displays Loaded 0/XYZ. I'm then forced to 'delete target URL cache' and 'delete target URL history' in order to get the project going again.

  • SvenSven

    I don't get your question really. If projects have seen that URL and worked with it, they don't try to place a link again of course. And if you clear target url cache and history, they will try to submit again.

    And if you have search engines enabled this will only appear in log when no search engine results are found to submit things to.

  • Sven and if i want to submit again and again from only my global site list urls.
    so how this happen?
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