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Run GSA For 3 Days now but only 3 Verified link :(


if Anyone can help me that will be great. I am new to GSA ,just purchase GSA 3 days back along with Captcha Breaker and Kontent Machine.Also purchase semi dedicated proxies and Death by captcha.

I have tried to create tier 1 link using content from KM3 and GSA ,but after running 3 days ,i just got 3 verified links. I am trying to Build links from Article,Web2.0 and WIKI.

Can any one let me what i am doing wrong? Is the Article Quality creating problem?

Also can anyone tell me from where i caa get High Quality Hand Spun article which can pass human verification?

I am not able to figure it out.

Best Answer

  • edited June 2014 Accepted Answer
    For Wiki articles you have to tick "article-Wiki" option in Options>Filter Urls>Type of backlinks to create.

    Web 2.0 doeasnt work here. (Use Social network engine instead)

    And articles? I dont know, i got 5 LPM myself lol.


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