Any review about GScraper ?

I have a scrapbox, but after reading many reviews I am deciding to buy Gscraper for scraping links. Any review from GSA guys ? 


  • I'm scraping up to 15 times faster with Gscraper than I did with Scrapebox on the same proxies. Also Gscraper doesn't have the stone age limits of Scrapebox, and the deduping is fast as all hell, 100 million urls takes no time while it'd take close to a day with Scrapebox for me.
  • I have seen you need LOTS of proxies to use GScraper, where can i get those proxies in atleast low price and how many ?
  • You don't need lots of proxies just for Gscraper, you need lots of proxies for scraping. I can't help you with that though, it's for you to figure out unless you want one of all those two updates a day services (that suck according to what I've been hearing).
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    You will get better speed with harvesting own public proxies. Coolproxies are veeery slow and you get what you pay for.
  • satyr85 those guys werent that bad when i tried em out.
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    Whats your LPM with coolproxies after XX hours in Gscraper ?
    When i tried them they give me few k links per monute 2-4 or something like that.
  • atleast 25k. With red proxy these days though.
  • How you guys getting updates from gScraper about the software, If you faced any issues, did developer replied your all email quickly ?
  • Its hard to get respond from dev but gscraper is working so i dont think you will need any updates. You can see some bugs in demo version, but demo is very old, and not updated for months. I would say paid version is 90% different software than demo.
  • Well demo is useless. I am asking because some people saying developer not give support fast like GSA or any other companies plus there is no guarantee how long their software will stay alive due to no updates.
  • Yes dev dont give fast support because Gscraper dont need support. This is most stable software i ever seen, there are updates. If you need to scrape alot, and you are ready to spend high $XX or  $1XX per month for google passed proxies there is no other way than Gscraper.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    +1 for Gscraper
  • I am only worried about the proxies which i required. Should i also able to use public proxies, how many proxies required for the fast speed of scraping links. 
  • Ah, great to see there's already a thread about this.
    I was going to buy GScraper today and get started, but my proxy guy told me that I should only consider using GScraper if I'm on a very strong dedi.

    My VPS setup:
    RAM: 4GB
    CPU: 4 vCores
    disk: 40GB SSD
    conn. speed: ~1Gpbs

    I have SER running on it, too, but it's still hard for me to believe that GScraper is too much to handle for a vps of that size (I know it's not the very best setup, but it's a solid starters VPS imho).

    Any comments on that from you experienced GScraper users?
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    Gscraper will work on VPS but VPS providers sometimes dont like Gscraper users.
    I have this amount of proxies for myself:

    And Xeon 1230v2 cpu usage is peak 50%. Most time 30-40% with 12k google passed proxies. More proxies = higher CPU usage. I dont think you will be able to get such amount of proxies so your CPU usage will be lower. Dedi with cpu similar to Xeon 1230v2 will be ok for SER and GScraper at same time and you can get it for few bucks more than your VPS price.

     I already replied you on  bhw lol :D Btw how much you pay for VPS?
  • I had gscraped few days, and I don't like it, because it is slower than hrefer.
    I used it in dedi i7-4770, I have more results using hrefer.
  • I bought SB years ago, never been very impressed with it and hate the automator plugin I paid extra for, also the tutorial videos "HI, Loopline here" at the start of each of them drove me f*kin mental.

    Today I tried this gscraper thing and found it FAR better, both the free one (wow was it free after all?!?!), and the *ahem* pro one.
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    @micha Well, I don't have the money for hrefer and I don't have a dedicated server, either. But since I'm no power user, I don't mind settling for the 'slower' GScraper.

    @satyr85 I pay ~35$/month. The only reason I'm not using the dedicated servers you've recommended me is I've already paid for my VPS (at least for another month) and it's somewhat bullet proof. At least they don't give a sh*t about IP/Spam complaints. Don't know about the more 'official' ones you've mentioned.

    Also, does anyone know how 'accurate' the Free Version of GScraper is, regarding thread count and how hard it's on your CPU? I'm asking, because I tried the free version a while back (and this was on my first VPS - incredibly weak!) and I didn't notice any problems at all. Now I know free GS is capped at 150 threads, but since my VPS hardware has more than doubled, I think it shouldn't be a problem to have GScraper running at around 300 threads and ~5000-15,000 proxies, should it?
  • No idea dude, I use a very powerful dedi for Gscraper as I'm sick to death of slow-mo servers/computers. It's a large investment at first but if you have a good plan for the scraped links and have awesome footprints, then you 'should' make your money back and more. If you're not sure and starting out, then start small or just buy lists and learn what footprints SER is good at using.
  • Tixxpff my VPS hardly goes past 25% with Gscraper maxed out - a cheap VPS is more than enough to just run this.
    The free version is outdated ,old and a bug fest.Dont know what else lol. Get a dual core on GC($18) and a 20 dollar red proxy sub for a month and you are set. 
  • Tixxpff 
    $35 a month for bulletproof vps... can you tell me who is your vps provider? Im asking because bulletproof for this price sounds fishy. Also can you post here ip of VPS without last "block" - something like  174.134.123.XXX 

    Free Gscraper version is old and not updated for year as far as i remember. With proxy lists sellers from bhw you should be fine on vps but im not 100% sure about this because i nearly dont use vps.

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