Please recommend me a VPS that doesn't care about abuse reports.


I was using but they are being extremely difficult about abuse reports. Please recommend me a VPS that doesn't care about spam reports. I don't want to use proxies as the greatly slow down the amount of links I do. The links I plan to build are mainly Tier 2 anyway. Please be US based VPS.

Thanks in advance and it's greatly appreciated,


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    You can try our US/N.A Location both careless about abuse... However you need to use proxies always, If you dont want to use proxies, then i think you would need a bulletproof service (not spam abuse ignored)

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  • Hi Solid,

    Thanks for the fast response and that is great to hear. I sent you a private message.
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    +1 for @solidseovps - best one out there really
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    @mcscappum Thank you very much
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    @solidseovps, I have no idea what you're talking about. The guy wants a provider that doesn't care about spam and abuse reports. You tell him that your service ignores abuse and yet he has to use proxies? That makes no sense.

    Also here "bulletproof service (not spam abuse ignored)" are you saying that a "bulletproof" server isn't exactly the same as ignoring spam and abuse reports?

    @OP greencloudvps (who has a bst on this forum) have servers in France that ignores abuse and spam complaints. They seem to be ovh resellers, so you could just go straight to the source and ask them how they handle complaints on various server locations. I also heard good things about poweruphosting. I havn't tried either so don't hang me up on anything, I'd just hate to see you going with some overpriced "bulletproof" server.
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    omg, I completely misread the Solid's response. I thought he was saying no proxies was ok. Thanks for pointing this out. I will definitely look into Greencloud too thanks again.
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    Hostamus do that i think go to live chat with their support and ask.
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    A bulletproof means ip rotation, means that your server use every couple of minutes different ip that keeps rotate, thats a bulleproof means, our nodes in North america, as well as france ignore abuse so we cant say its bulletproof since the concept of ip rotation doesnt exist

    When you use a bulletproof service, your original Ip wont ever show, When you use a datacenter that ignore the abuse, your ip is recorded and they receive an abuse but they decided to ignore it... so you are comparing orange with apple

    If you want to use our NA and europe nodes that ignore abuse and call it bulletproof, sure go for it, but we wont call it bulletproof because they are not.

  • All DC you use in France (ovh and dont ignore abuse messages, and everyone who use for example Xrumer knows it. When your IP is listed in spamhaus ovh will ban you in 24-48 hours. Been there, done that.

    Greencloud also resell OVH so they are not bulletproof.

    Godmodehost is bulletproof, they dont care about spam (Xrumer etc), and they are hosted in Poland. was bulletproof some time (im not sure if they are still BP) - vps with IP rotation every 2-4 weeks + they ignore spam
    Best option is godmodehost - they are most reputable BP server provider for now

    "A bulletproof means ip rotation, means that your server use every couple of minutes different ip"
    Show me server provider who offer bulletproof seo servers and IP rotation every X minutes. Every bulletproof hosting provider simply ignore abuse messages, there is no IP rotation every X minutes offered.
  • Haha, that's an awesome response @solidseovps! My first post seems a little aggressive. I did want to state that either me or you were mixing up things, but it turns out it's me. I had always believed that providers used the word bulletproof just to state that they ignored complaints and to charge 2-3 times as much as other providers.

    I'll take my words back and thank you for taking your time to correct me.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps

    You are always welcome, Thank you for taking the time to ask about this
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    I dont need to give you a vps provider for bulletproof, you can do a google search you will find plenty of that ;) i can give you a service even that being sold here in GSA that provide same bulletproof concept but they sell it alone instead of running it on the host and sell vps over it, you can check it for your reference

    You can also read more about ip rotation
  • These guys at solidseo proves every day that they are complete idiots, 

    Haha "bulletproof servers are servers which rotates IPs" first of all bulletproof does not mean that, bulletproof means it ignores spam and abuse reports of all kinds, it's also very popular term in web hosting industry for companies which ignores DCMA reports, so you get it, bullet(abuse)proof - does not let the bullet(abuse) hit you.

    On the other side, the provider would have to provide multiple IPs from the same range, which will lead it to the situation that the whole range will be marked as a snowshoe range and will get blocked the whole range very quickly, it would be enough to get 1-2 reports per IP in short period of time. So for the, real, bulletproof hosting companies, it's cheaper to get one IP blocked and not multiple ones. 

    I do know a company in US which does not give a damn about reports for any kind, they were used a lot by hackers and spammers in the past, i have used them for legal purposes and they gave me IP range full of reports for botnets and spamming activity, yet they still don't care about it lol. Their prices are very low as well, if somebody want's to know their name, hit me up on private message.
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    Well the idiot here is not us for sure, You should do your homework better and with this low type of conversation we dont want to be part of it really.,

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    May i know which degree in IT industry do you have ? Which cisco certificates have you obtained ? Which MS server administration certificate do you have ?

    Let me guess, none ?

    Then don't try to competitive with somebody who have more knowledge in IT industry then you could ever have.

    If you are stupid enough to say that bulletproof servers are IP rotating servers then you should definitely find another job.

    Do you even have any idea why are ALL bulletproof hosting companies located outside of US and mostly outside of EU ? You can only find one or two bulletproof companies in Sweden ( the one which TPB uses ) and in Holland, all others are in Asia and Russia, for a simple reason, even a single unresolved abuse report in US and EU can get you shut down, no matter how many IPs you rotate, if your upstream provide receives an abuse report on the IP you own and you do not get it resolve you are risking to get your lines shut down and reported to the police, if your customers keep up with the illegal activities, companies which are being attacked will report you to the FBI and you are down, unless you are in China or Russia and your upstream provider does not give a damn, just like the gov it self.

  • If you still looking you can try they really don't care about anything
  • You need to rent bulletproof vps. Try
  • SvenSven
    bulletproof vps is scam and anyone should know that by now! Everything on there servers is cracked and illegal. I still wonder why they are still alive.
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    The discussion/argument about the definition of bulletproof isn't just semantics. I don't see how any stateside (or many eu) could technically be bulletproof.

    Unless you own already mentioned by someone, if whoever is upstream to you gets enough of, or one of the right kind, of complaints and wants to be a dick about it legally....if you are in a stateside or stateside legally friendly country...there won't be anything bulletproof about that

    I dont do, or suggest doing, anything really abusive of course....just sayin'

    It has nothing to do with ip addies, not in the context that most of us are talking about has to do with being digitally based in countries that don't give a fu$% about stateside laws/cooperation.
  • Recently we bought vps at so far so good.
  • Find some where you can pay with bitcoins only.
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