Site list + Identify and sort in = 2x misidentified links

Trying to sort back in list cleaned from some links via this tool. In results I see many engines are beefed up for some 30-100 % from nothingness, so the overall size is doubled. When I look in some files like trackbacks I can see some clearly misidentified engines. The engines set of the seed list and filters are roughly the same, but not identical. Needless to say that resulting list performs awful.

Anyone experiencing same behavior with this tool?


  • penumbrapenumbra Antarctica
    I remember when i use clean feature in gsa ser it again identify links and it add 3x more links in my list instead on decreasing size cause of cleanup. I never use that feature again lol
  • edited June 2014
    Yeah I remember your thread :)

    I guess the thing is that it tries to fit as many engines to 1 url as it could, hence CPU usage and list bloating.

    Whereas "manual run" with some sorting projects should assign 1 engine to 1 url as it has only one "posting try".

    I wish there was an option to limit it to 1 engine...
  • SvenSven
    The Clean Up is only checking the URL against the engine it was added to. I have changed this behaviour in the last update.
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