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How to make "project_name.articles" files work

I want to generate articles from my own tool and use them without importing into each project.

I create "project_name.articles" file,  with articles in new lines, but SER does not sees them.
There is some ID at the end of articles imported manually  from  SER, i do not add it from my tool for obvious reason.
How can i overcome that and add articles without manually importing them ?

I also create project files using my tool, but have problem with"pop3 pw" variable. It is encrypted, and just copying its value between different project does not work (encrypting related to project name? ). I have to enter password manually for each project.
Any way i can make it work ?


  • Quoting Sven "next version lets you save passwords in format "##uncrypted-password". This will tell SER to just remove the leading "##" and use the rest as plain password."
  • Great to hear that, can't wait for next version.

    As for articles, got them to work.  Ascii SOH characters were needed.
  • Oh I am sorry, should have written that he wrote that some time ago. It has already been added.

    glad to hear you worked out the article part.
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