What does this mean on Ahrefs.com - Referring Pages

I recently started using GSA SER on an old page of mine that had slowly fallen in rankings. I checked out the page on ahrefs today to see how many links are showing but I noticed in the "referring pages" section down below it shows "web site" as 71%  . Two questions, how did that happen, and what does that mean for me ?   


  • this simply means that you get a lot of links from the same page. this happens often with various linktypes, for example when your blog comment shows up on the sidebar on "newest comments" - it appears on nearly every page of the blog.

    so if the blog got 71k pages, you get 71k backlinks from it. doesn't matter at all, in most cases they disappear very soon. also, google knows this and can handle them.

    you can't always use custom anchors,so anchors like "web page" will appear on some engines, also things like "visit posters website" etc. if you don't like them, you have to disable the engine.
  • So there is no obvious negative from this for me ? And what engines would I need to disable to not have this happen if I wanted to do that ? 
  • @hatterftw1, check which Engines are using those keyword and disable them. (I believe you can see that in GSA itself, the stats)
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