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Category Won't Change

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
edited August 2012 in Bugs
When I update my category, it shows it as changed. (i.e. I select a different category from the dropdown list), then press OK.

Then when I reopen project it still shows old category. 

Not sure what more info to provide, but is someone else having this? 

Basically I import a list of categories and then add some more and then select one at the start. BUT often it just selects one and I can't change it! It changes it when window is open, but it always reverts back to the original one when I open the project again.

Is there anything I can provide to show more details on this bug? Basically, it's now often submitting to the *General* category as the default and I can't change that!


  • SvenSven
    That is a list of categories not a box to choose from. Same as the URL box. All you add there is used so it doesn't matter what you choose.
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