The New Recaptchas

Introducing the new recaptchas,



I guess it's time to cancel my OCR captcha solving service. It's going to take some time for them to "learn" this new recaptcha.

In the meantime, I'll have to tone down or reduce my submissions and use human captcha solving service (Antigate, my favourite).

Guess, who's going to "crack" this new recaptcha first? Reverse OCR? CaptchaTronix? Spamvilla? or Eve?



  • These captchas are killing me. I have Eve, ReverseProxies and DeathByCaptcha going and nothing is solving them. 
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Why wouldn't DBC solve them @mcscappum, they're real people.
  • @Brandon They weren't getting passed to them. I fixed it
  • I am facing similar issue.

    mcscappum, can you tell what exactly you fixed, they are not getting passed to DBC at my end as well.

  • Well we need to wait for @sven reply.. Hahah
  • For me this is no.1 problem SER has right now but confident Sven will find a solution.
  • The nº1 and the biggest at the moment.
  • ronron
    I don't see what Sven has to do with this @Molex. The recaptcha guys need to solve it, not Sven.

    This is just another anti-spam measure that has rolled out. I really think people have to be patient as running filters and reiterations to crack new captchas is a big pain in the balls. If you have never done it, all I can tell you is that it sucks.

    Give the recaptcha providers some measure of time and respect. I personally would take an "OCR break" and run a couple of weeks with regular SER+CB as it won't kill you. And of course there's always the DBC's and the others, but that can cost some serious money. You guys do have options.

    End of rant.
  • Those recaptchas look pretty brutal. I don't envy the developers.
  • @ron google changed recaptchas game twice while Sven has gone. Most of the time the recaptchas sending by SER is quite different than the ones that you see on the same site with same proxy but within a real browser. Still new fonts seems harder than the old ones but all these Javascript things what i am seeing in CB is almost impossible to crack captchas with an OCR. God help us!!!
  • @ron
    When you visit website with new recaptcha via browser (using IPs you use in SER) you will get normal, old recaptcha, when you do it via SER you will get new recaptcha and here is problem. Google somehow know you are not normal visitor and give you new, hard recaptcha, so yes its problem with SER and im 100% sure that Sven can fix it 100 times faster than guys from reverseproxies ocr, etc.

    Btw one guy from Russia told me that all cheap & automated recaptcha breaking services use... Xrumer ;) Lets see when will be update from botmasterlabs.

  • ronron

    Thanks for the explanations guys. Ok, I guess @sven better get on it.

    I think my more general message is that they are difficult as hell to solve, so the recaptcha guys have a lot of hard work ahead of themselves. All I am preaching is some patience. I saw some rude comments in their threads, and I didn't believe it was warranted. That's all I am saying.  

  • KaineKaine
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    The captcha must be taken in screenshot, and send. Otherwise as you said, one other will be transmitted. I think ocr service can not break it, now and after. Humain or calcul breaking only > gpu solution times.

    One other soft already break be calcul (old recaptcha type), want say result is crypted on page or accesible to crack. If it is encrypted (surely), it can not be with a heavy algorithm for reasons of cpu time server, use Brute-force or Rainbow Table.

    I am happy with this development because we'll attend interesting things and a higher rate of overall resolution (If other publishers stop using OCR process).

    100 % fail or 100% succes.

    Just look what old GPU can make on hash ("M" is for million):

  • I am pretty sure that proxies are triggering the harder recaptchas. They probably have a proxy blacklist, or some threshold triggers it. If recaptcha keeps seeing the same IP trying to post on different sites in a certain timeframe, it triggers the more difficult recaptchas.
  • davbeldavbel UK
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    ^^ my views too.
  • edited June 2014
    Its not proxies its been reported here already:

    I have hundreds of dedicated proxies and there is one guy that uses thousands of dedicated, this was a recaptcha update to detect SER and other automated non browser based software. The problem is SER is being deteced and blocked because of the way it submits.

  • I think you get those crazy recaptchas when javascript is turned off?
  • KaineKaine
    edited June 2014
    Loading or not of this script seems to be a good track to check also ... maybe more easy for webmaster.

    Ser probably load the minimum for increase speed.

    Anybody have html code of page using this recaptcha ?
  • I actually support this .Survival of the fittest ! especially after @ron and his team made it too easy for every Dick and Harry to start spamming :P
  • ronron
    edited June 2014

    Thank you @spammasta for those kind words, lol. The team does get a chuckle that we may have played a small part in causing Google to change its operations.

    And what would make us more popular - decreasing your links, or increasing your links?

  • satyr85

    any ideas how to get xrumer to crack recaptcha with gsa ser?
  • @stranger botmaster will handle that
  • @derdor botmaster handles xrumer. he won't help to use xrumer to solve recaptcha outside out it
  • @stranger most of the OCR services around here are xrumer mods. So when botmaster updates xrumer these OCR will update. I know couple of services has nothing to do with xrumer but most are
  • edited June 2014
    If botmaster/xrumer could create recaptcha solver, why can't @Sven creare his own recpatcha solver :)
  • stranger 
    I dont have any ideas but im sure its easier to make Xrumer solve recaptcha outside it, than code recaptcha OCR. Botmaster dont like using Xrumer so update can also "fix" many OCR services around here ;)

    Botmaster labs forum (forum for users who have Xrumer) have 3.7k users + there is forum only for russian users. Xrumer license cost $650 one time + $10 per month, so im sure Botmaster get at least $20-30k a month only from monthly fees - with such amount of money you can hire hardcore programmers and create OCR. There is no monthly fee for SER + its much cheaper than XR, thats why.
  • @derdor would you mind pming me which services uses xrumer mod?
    @satyr85, there are 3716 xr eng users and 5307 xr ru users, just went to check on that. Xr solves lots of captcha with each update and it is able to answer anti spam questions. Note that users who frequently share it get access to a larger database. I guess the anti spam and captcha solving are good features to be extracted out
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    I always thought that there's some Botmaster-copied script out there like once-popular Fiverr script. A Recaptcha script. And all 6 major Recaptcha guys were modding it or building upon it. 
  • edited June 2014
    @jesse, there are 2 scripts that i know of but i think they should be updated by now since they were meant to work with version 5 or xr. could you let me know who were the 6 major recaptcha guys?

    it would definitely be interesting to see how well xr cracks captcha as compared to CB
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