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Awaiting account verification

Okay, so I'm experimenting with custom footprints to scrape with on Gscraper.

I did some magic with the FPF, and found a lot of footprints to scrape with.

And further on that, when I look at the Submitted urls on the projects I imported this list to, a good 60% of the urls are from Buddy Press (the CMS I chose).

So the footprints are obviously not a problem to get such a low number of verified links.

However, what does this "Awaiting account verification" really mean? The website just didn't send the link? How could that happen with SO MANY sites simultaneously? Is anyone else having an issue like this? Am I doing something wrong here?

The question, therefore, goes like this: What can I do to get those accounts verified and move on to post to them?

How about with you guys, @gooner?

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  • edited June 2014 Accepted Answer
    My only guess would be that accounts created are filtered with spam protection of some sorts. So no email are gonna reach mailboxes, hence "awaiting verification". With that engine when I tested them I've had pretty awful Submitted to Verified ratio.


  • Yeah, I just finished testing and ended up with a 1,25% verified ratio from raw lists.

    But I'm now experimenting with custom footprints, and I'm starting to get a hang of it :)
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