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Test Screen

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
edited December 2012 in Bugs
If you use a macro feature 

Under URL's to Promote:
%spinfile-C:\Users\Administrator\Dropbox\SEO Tools\GSA SER\Website Spintax\Web2.0.txt%

Under Micro:
%spinfolder-C:\Users\Administrator\Dropbox\SEO Tools\GSA SER\Website Spintax\Micro Message%

BUT when you view it in test mode, the micro shows the spintax line, but not the correct one!  
%spinfile-C:\Users\Administrator\Dropbox\SEO Tools\GSA SER\Website Spintax\Web2.0.txt%

I have double checked and triple checked that I have the correct paths in each box and they are correct. Is this just an issue with the test screen or will the micro submissions give an error?

If you select "Anchor Text Variations 10%" e.g. GSA becomes gsa, then using the test screen also doesn't work as it changes %spinfile% to %Spinfile% and then the test screen shows the filepath, rather than the result. Not sure if it's just the test screen. Anyways, so I've disabled this anchor text variation feature, but think there should be a warning if using filepaths. 

On the test screen, it's not pulling through the keyword when using a spinfile. 
e.g. "I'd much like to find a tad more material on %spinfile-C:\Users\Administrator\Dropbox\SEO Tools\GSA SER\Website Spintax\\Keywords\ - Keywords.txt%."

Again, is this just in the test window or will it be posted like this?



  • SvenSven
    next version should fix this. though it's again just a display bug in TEST. On submission everything works as it should.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    For us non-programmers that test screen is n.b! It's how we see what output we can expect from SER! :-) 
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