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edited June 2014 in Need Help
I am using since some time FCS Networker and wondering how you usually make a 2nd tier for such links ?
I mean are you using only contextual lets say from PR0+ and then on 3rd tier everything including image comments or you don`t care too much and just blast FCS backlinks with everything ?

I am doing it now like this

FCS - 1st tier
GSA SER - 2nd tier
a) contextuals (no profiles) - PR0+
b) blog comments, image comments ,microblogs, forum profiles, social bookmarks, and social networds profiles <- all of them PR2+

Is it safe to do it that way ?
Or should I drop (b) part of the plan ?

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    I am not sure if anything is safe but I have used a setup much like you have described with success. I am not sure how useful the junk tiers are anymore however. I am interlinking my Tier 2 contextuals and using a good indexer instead. Also I would not build too fast on that Tier 2 either since web2.0s can get deindeded.
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    @thomas73 another good method for tier 2 is to use FCS again, makes your t1s even more stronger.

    And i also like to create web2.0s with the same method like yours SCM+Word Ai and leave it for couple of weeks without any links. After 1 month i start to build links. Though i don't build any churn&burn sites. All my sites are authority sites. So going slow & steady is working our for me.

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    thomas73 I set it to 10 submmited/day per url and forget about it. Really my goal is to positive link velocity to stretch out their usefullness as much as possible. I am not saying this is the best/only way but it is what I have been doing.

    I build links to every page but I don't have a great automated way to pull all of the pages. I am sure there must be some way to pull the rss feeds - anyone know?

    derdor 's idea building tiers of FCS web2.0s but never really tried it.


  • Thanks, I thought maybe to stick only with indexer and don`t build any tier for FCS web 2.0s cos probably one of the reason of suspending them is too fast link building  maybe, I experience that since I started to build the tiers to them, within couple of days about 100 web 2.0 was suspended. I have submited articles spuned by Word AI , articles scraped by Seo Content Machine, so I am sure the content was not the reason of that cos they wer alive for many weeks untill I touched them with tier backlinks.

    I am using expressindexer and I am very satisfied with it ,it seems I must test it could be enough for FCS 1st tier only to index them with Indexer.

    Or maybe add max 20-30 contextuals PR3+ to each web.20 and leave it.

    Do you build 2nd tier for each post of FCS web.20  or only for mainpages ?
    How many backlinks in total you usually build for each web.20 site after you stop build backlinks ?
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited June 2014
    I'd lose the PR filters on tier2.

    There's no need to be precious with auto created web2s, and also you're crippling your available link building resources for no good reason.

  • Probably,  but  too many backlinks for web 2.0 are probably the cause of their suspension ): (complains of the 2nd tier properties admins probably) I am not sure about this yet ,if  is it related to the speed  I create them (10 per URL/day) or their total amount per web 2.0 post

    I usually build 100 backlinks per post and stop it, and if necessary I create more blogs in FCS and submit new articles and do the same for the new ones.
  • I look forward also for some automatic tool implemented by FCS team (maybe some day), it will help a lot
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