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ignore size captchas

I would like to ask a very useful function . When I want to choose which captcha filter and pass to the next, simply distanced in CB .

But notice that it is not optimal . ArticleMS same engine for example, has captchas of differnt sizes , if you can solve but others are reCAPTCHAs or Mollom .

We know that recpatcha their clones are 300x57 . because there is an option to ignore captcha size as if it were not marked ?

My idea is that CB in first place , try not to solve recaptcha or mollon , leave that for spamvilla and ( ocr reverseproxies ) or DBC , but not to do so because it fails and CB are unnecessary errors

If I lose distanced ArticleMS eg 20% if you could solve with CB , and that I meet are not sending wires to the OCR others who have limitations.

Right now I'm unchecking hand engines using clones recaptcha and I realize this problem, if you frame that are 70 % recaptcha , that other 30 % that could be solved with CB are to other OCR they charge me yarns.

This would make my life very easy with only one option . My motivation is to use CB to the fullest, but tries to solve recaptcha and misses everyone, and I do not want to do it , but do not want to lose the use of CB

Right now 90 % of entering captchas me the detour , but that within that there is a percentage that could do .

I 'm not asking this for each engine , but generally indicate 300x57 not solve or appear in CB , I mean not skip and save the image , and this applies to all engines .
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