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Quick question about PR & NoFollow Filtering

Hi guys,
couldn't find a thread which specifically targets this very problem of mine, so I've decided to open a new thread for it.
I'll cut right to the chase.


When using SER to do tiered link building, I'm filtering by PR. The closer to my money site, the higher the PR. Now, I've never really thought about this problem, I guess because I haven't noticed that tiny button before, but it really got me thinking.
Isn't it a must do to tick the button and make SER use the PR of the PAGE and not the DOMAIN? I mean, correct if I'm wrong, but if SER were to use the PR of the domain then pretty much any blog, video, etc. qualifies, since their domains (wordpress, tumblr, etc.) are usually PR4+.

And secondly, how effective is the 'Try to skip creating NoFollow' links options and is it in any way dangerous to use or can be harmful to your project? I'm considering using this option, because lately my scraping footprints haven't been serving me well and I get a ratio of 40:60 (nofollow : dofollow) when setting up dummy campaigns to go through all the links. Needless to say, I don't want any NoFollow crap in my tiered structure on the upper levels.

I'd love to hear some opinions on that.
Kind regards.


  • You should only care about the page pr on image and blog comments. On engines where you create new pages they will all be pr n/a no matter what. The option to check page pr only makes sense to me when doing only image and blog comments.

    Can't help you with the nofollow links, I never care if my backlinks are do- or nofollow.
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