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GSA SER not creating any web 2.0 links

Hey, I'm running 3 different projects with web 2.0 checked off and GSA SER has not created any web 2.0 links at all for a week now. Does anyone know what could be going on? I'm not using SER Engines or anything like that. For one project I don't even have a PR filter.

Using private proxies, lots of articles loaded up, all fields filled in.



  • ronron

    Those engines are not updated and will not make any links for you. In order to make web2.0 links, you need to subscribe to SEREngines which is in the business of constantly updating those engines - so that you can actually post to them.

    Just so you know, it is a royal pain in the ass to keep up with these platforms as they changed their scripting almost every week. It requires a lot of continuous re-coding. Which is exactly why SEREngines stepped up to the plate with a paid service ($15/mth).

    Here is their sales thread:

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