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Another possible proxy improvement

Hi Sven,

I have see you make many optimisation on proxy in the last day. I noticed something that could be even a little better on that side.

I use my own sources of proxy, and when importing (+ 500 000) there a strong reduction of the overall performance. The machine is remote, I could not check the disk activity. 

So I stop all threads (blast) and I noticed that the imprtation operation used one full core. It does not have annoying, for against this is always done on the core number 1. Given that the system (windows) and probably the cores SER should also use it might be interesting to deport on any any other core. 

This import can take + - 15 minutes. 

I understood that you leave the operating system take care of the distribution can be for certain operation it could still boost overall performance.

An idea can lead to another, thank you.


  • SvenSven
    adding proxies is done in the main thread. That can not be moved to other threads sorry.
  • KaineKaine
    Ok, thank you :)
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