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Not Indexed?!

edited May 2014 in Need Help
OMG! Is this accurate? I got no indexed links!

Anyone can help me? Thanks!


  • Try again with scrapebox or gscraper with lots of proxies.
  • what should I try? try to test if the url's are indexed?
  • At least one of the urls has to be indexed. You need to narrow down your problem, and that's why I suggested to use another tool to check if they're indexed. If that doesn't find any as well then you need to change your proxy source and see if that helps.
  • @fakenickahl I'm using LinkProcessor as my indexer, I'm just wondering why there's no url indexed? but  when I check LP, all of my links are active?
  • Read my last reply again. To further clarify, there has to be at least one out of the 1xxx urls you tested that has already been indexed due to natural indexing. That's why you need to figure out why SER isn't checking indexing correctly.
  • @fakenickahl what do I need to check? URL or DOMAIN?
  • You need to check the url of your backlinks
  • not the domain? coz when I click check index there's a box that will appear with check url, domain something like that. :)
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    Whether the domain is indexed or not is irrelevant to you now as you already built a backlink on the domain. You want to figure out if your backlink has been indexed.

    Edit: I suggested you to use scrapebox or gscraper to check indexing as I've heard several times in the past that the index checking in SER wasn't working correctly. Do you have access to either scrapebox or gscraper?
  • @fakenickahl I don't have any of those but maybe sooner I will :)
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