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It's safe to use GSA?

Hey guys,

So, there is this company I want to try rank their pages, but it is a legit company, with like 10 years. I want to know if can I use GSA tools without getting penalised by Google. Can I do that? Or I'll just screw everything?



  • No it's not safe at all. Please give me your licence key I'll use it to run SER on another vps so I destroy my online business further :D
  • ronron
    @luckyskywalker - Your best bet is to simply hand-build the links to your client, and then come in behind those properties with GSA. At this point in time with Google, I would not jeopardize a client site with direct GSA built links. Period.

    This is not because of GSA, but because of how you need to treat 'real' websites. 
  • You are better off outsourcing it someone who knows what they are doing.And NO, dont run SER at a money site .Inb4 艾弗 anchor
  • vkp1988vkp1988

    I think will help you to build t1 and you can use SER for t2 
  • You can build t1 links in one hour or less..I'm not sure if outsourcing is a good idea. Its worth to invest one hour or two for better tomorrow :)
  • Ok, thanks guys!
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