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Posting to EDU AND GOV


I have found this to help with just posting to edu and gov sites

How can I post to .gov, .edu, .de, .es etc. only?
Go to "Skip sites where the following words appear in the URL/domain" and
add an exclamation mark followed by the domain ending. So for posting only to .edu sites you’d add !.edu
Please note to enter all "white listed" domains in one line like "!.edu !.gov !.gsa" and not one in each line.

However i have done this, added skip   !.edu !.gov

BUT is still posts to .com etc ...

Is there anything else i need to do ?

Do i have to add all of the ones i dont want it to post to as well? if so does anybody have a master list?



  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    You have it setup like this? 


    That should work o_0

  • YES EXACTLY with the skip sites box ticked and the box ticked for edu and gov

    but still posts to .com etc...
  • That's probably because URLs contain .edu and .gov but not ending with it. 

    For example, there sites like 

    Did you look at those backlinks themselves to see if they contain .edu or .gov?
  • yes, they do not contain edu or gov
  • working now !!!

    forgot the space ....................
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