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New to it all, and have a couple of questions(project data & tier link)

I cannot wait to get my check friday to "BUY" SER cause the trial popup is annoying as crap. My 2 questions are:
1. In the project data, under "Anchor Text(based on Main Keyword)" I have 5 anchors like this - {anchor1}{anchor2}{anchor3}{anchor4}{anchor5}
From my site stats I went to a page SER submitted to look at it and the blog post Title had all of my anchors together
 - ex. anchor1anchor2anchor3anchor4anchor5 then the excerpt.  Am I doing something wrong?

2. Watching tutorial videos (I am really new to this) I want to build  tier linking, and understand how to set it up, but when I go to do my first Tier and select "Use verified urls of my project" when that submits is it only submitting links to the first set of links I submitted?

and lastly, can I remove any of these links later in time if I need to?
Sorry, if these are assinine questions.....

.I have been reading and trying to learn all I can, just very new to the game. This $hit was easy 15 yrs ago. I have alot to learn at 51 and not havn't been on computer in like over 10 yrs.



  • 1. {anchor1|anchor2|anchor3|anchor4|anchor5}

    2. Yes it takes verified URLs from your first tier

    To remove links, right click a project > Set Status > Active (Remove Links)

    Hope that helps..
  • AHH! yes, I dont know alot about spintax, I see I had it wrong. Thank you so very much for the help!!

    it takes verified URLS from the first tier, and it builds links to those verified links on the first tier right?
  • Correct.

    Try searching the forum around as most things that you might want to know about will probably have already been answered/discussed on here.

    Maybe try reading this if you haven't already done so
  • thanks
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