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"Awaiting Account Verification" Submitted Links Won't Verify - Please Help

Hello Guys,

I am having this strange problem with my gsa ser. Tier 1 never pauses, i get like 500 Submitted Links and 100 Verified in 2 days. However Tier 2 is on Pause and made 1500 verified links. I really don't know what is the problem here.

On Tier 1 i have only contextual link engines. Yesterday i also added Directory, Forum and Image Comment just to see if Verified Links will improve and they didn't. My LPM is 63, i use +100 dedicated proxies, good emails. 

I really don't know how to deal with this. From 500 Submitter 480 are with " Awaiting Account Verification" status. 


  • SvenSven
    turn the project status to verify emails only and see if SER can login to your emails at all.
  • Hi Sven,

    I just put them all to Verify Emails only status and it seems everything ok. I don't see any errors in the Log. Gsa is simply parsing the emails. The Submitted Links seem to drop from +500 to 470 now however the the verified Links are still the same..
  • Sorry i accepted your answer by mistake..i still didn't solve the problem..the emails are being parsed as we speak and like i said the submitted links are dropping although the verified ones remain the same..not even a single verified. Dunno what is this.. 

    Like i said the tier 2 of the same project is on pause with 1500 links. On tier 1 i have 150 verified in 2 days and i have set a 300 verification limit per day.. please help

    P.S thanks for the great support sven :)
  • If the status is still set to Verify Emails then of course it won't do any submitting. You'll need to change it back to Active to continue the submission process.
  • i know that. But if the status of submitted links is Awaiting Account Verification and GSA ser is parsing emails now i guess the verified links should increase when gsa is activating an account from the email address. This is what i was saying. 
  • Verified links will only increase if it verifies a link. Verifying an account is not the same thing. Verifying an account means that SER can then log in with that account to post your link/article, which when verified will be added to the verified links counter. I think I've typed the word 'verified' far too many times ;)
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