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Churn and Burn Help - Any suggestions to improve?

I started my first C&B project early May, and i only got few keywords ranked and all are >100, just can't get them into first page. Below are stat of my 3 projects: 

Project A: 1 kw rank 135

Project B: No kw rank

Project C: 1 kw rank 145

I use Scrapebox to scrape for link with custom footprint, 100k kws, so far i scraped around 80k link (no PR / PBL filter), all submitted to the projects. 

Any good suggestions to improve my projects, and if i continue with this, am i needing another 1-2 months only got them rank on 1st page?


  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    I don't do a great deal of C&B but to me your stats look fine. How competitive is the KW?
  • Make sure they get indexed and give it chance.  Some platforms aren't working as well as they used to, but I'm seeing some of my sites pop up that I'd long given up hope for.

    I'm thinking Big G has ignored some of the poorer links and so the remaining profile looks really good.
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    Almost all my projects tanked during the last big G update, so yours probablys did too. Just Restart and create them all again.
  • @spunko2010 all 3 kws are medium competition, i rank 1 youtube video no 1 before but it got deleted, it took me almost 3 months to reach on top, but back then i know < 10% of GSA

    @davbel which are poorer links in your opinion? i use indexification to make sure my BL are index. Shall i just ignore those poor engine and focus on good one? any particular engine should i be focus on? i do scrape my own list using scrapebox on a separate server

    @fakenickahl just duplicate the whole site content, and start new project in GSA? 

    Do you guys have any experience in spamming shorten url?
  • oh ya i do purchase 30k bl blast from some forum, he did it in 3 days and focus on 2 kws on same site, i do see one of the kw rise few positions but after that, it just stay there, still > 100 , just want to see how other people do this and learn from there
  • I was also blasting more than 10 properties before this update and all went down in rankings while the big G update was happening. So your results are as expected.

    I'd say to just replace your current content with some garbage, build some backlinks to get it re-indexed and then create other properties with that content.
  • @fakenickahl all my sites are still indexed by google. but the same site will still have the same spammed BLs pointing to, changing content will make it good and rank? 
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    @coin666 -  Could you tell me how do you set up your churn&burn campaigns
    eg. how many tiers and which platforms.

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    I am suggesting that you abandon all your sites and re-creating them. I am 99.5% sure that none of these will ever see the light of top 20 if you were trying to rank during the G update.
  • @fakenickahl ok, sounds a good plan. 

    @royalmice i didn't setup any tier, just direct blast to money site. for platform, i select all except web 2.0, video, trackback, indexer, document sharing, exploit. those u see in my diagram were built at the first few days of the project which later i turn them off. 
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