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any way to verify Links Later and Index it?

Guys need Help:
1. I am currently creating  backlinks with  the  settings " verify links- disabled " image.
 but after  some  amount  of  making  backlinks I want  to verify those backlink and  Index it my  gsa indexer. is there  any way to do that?

2.  I have  10 private proxy, with  20 yahoo email and  threads 200. and  I will use  scraped links for making  backlinks. Please help me  to increase my  LPM. here  is my  settings.

3.what  I need to write  in  keywords, anchortext? is these will be  niche  related ? suppose my  niche  is gta 5 h@k, so what I  need to write in keywords and  in anchor text?)
I have  these items. 10 private proxy, sb for scraping  links, yahoo and  gmail. ser, cb, indexer, a good vps, and  most of time  I want  to work with  YT vids. so Please guide me. Thank you all.


  • SvenSven
    The way you set it up is should once in a while stop the project and set the status to "Active (Verify Only)" so it can e.g. start posting on verified accounts and verify links.
  • thank you @Sven for you kind  help. I think it will delete my  submitted link.
     what  will be  the  other settings for  my  2 and 3 questions.
  • SvenSven

    2) I don't like lpm watching...asks others

    3) use keywords related to your project.

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